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CPL Meteorology Tait CPL Meteorology Tait
This book is a study guide designed to prepare students for the CASA Commercial Pilots Licence Meteorology exam (CMET). As each topic is presented you will be presented with exercises and progress tests to test your comprehension.


Meteorology For Pilots Meteorology For Pilots
  The study of meteorology, for aviation, provides knowledge and awareness of the atmosphere, which is after all, the medium within which the pilot works. This book covers every aspect of weather information for pilots, and will provide the necessary information for those wanting to fully appreciate the weather forecast given to him/her for a flight, and also when forecast for themselves. Probably the best weather book available. Soft back.


Meteorology for the CASA PPL/CPL syllabus Meteorology for the CASA PPL/CPL syllabus
The PPL/CPL manuals provide a complete set of reference texts for all examination subjects. They are prepared in accordance with the CASA Day VFR Syllabus for both levels of licence and are the perfect preparation for the composite PPL and the single subject CPL cyber exams. They are true to the depth of knowledge requirements of the syllabus and do not attempt to be an easy passage. Arguably the most important aspect of cross-country flights...