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Budget Aviation Scanner Budget Aviation Scanner
TTI TSC-100R HAND-HELD SCANNER RECEIVER FOR AIRBAND, VHF LOW BAND, WFM/AM/FM Brandentry level scanner receiver from TTI designed to appeal to the air band enthusiasts and other HAM radio hobbyists. Focused on Air band, VHF band, VHF Low Band (66-88MHz) and WFM Broadcat band, this scanning receiver prides itself with exceptionally high receive sensitivity combined with clear and crisp audio. Simplified user friendly functions, along with clear...

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Icom’s most affordable (VHF) Air Band Transceiver (For Pilot Applications) Simple operation Rugged construction Output power 5.0 W (PEP) 1.5 W (CW) Loud audio output (BTL Amplifier - 700mW) Full air band coverage (118-136.975 Mhz) 200 memory channels (8 character alpha tagging) BP232N Li-Ion battery supplied (18 Hrs typical) Side tone function, with standard G.A. headsets Auto noise limiter (ANL) reduces pulse noise Water resistant...