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Mechanics of Flight


1. Mechanics. 2. Air and airflow - subsonic speeds. 3. Aerofoils - subsonic speeds. 4. Thrust. 5. Level flight. 6. Gliding and landing. 7. Performance. 8. Manoeuvres. 9. Stability and control. 10. A trial flight. 11. Flight at transonic speeds. 12. Flight at supersonic speeds. 13. Space flight. Appendixes: 1. Aerofoil data. 2. Scale effect and reynolds number. 3. Numerical questions. 4. Answers to numerical questions. 5. Answers to non-numerical questions .

Beginning with a summary of the mechanics of flight, it goes on to cover various aspects such as air and airflow, aerofoils, thrust, level flight, gliding, landing, performance, manoeuvres and stability and control.

Many of the diagrams have been redrawn and new photographs depicting modern aircraft types have been included. Requires only GCSE level science. Written in a clear and easy-to-understand style it contains simple numerical examples which are suitable for students up to HND level standard. The book also contains non-numerical questions provide a useful opportunity to test basic understanding. It is brought fully up-to-date while retaining character of the book.


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