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Night Flying

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Aviation Theory Centre Night Flight Aviation Theory Centre Night Flight
One of the most wonderful experiences of flight is to observe a city from the air at night. The ability to fly at night also allows a pilot to plan a full day's cross-country with the knowledge that end of daylight wont be a limiting factor. Also the air is smoother with less traffic. This comprehensive book explains the relevant systems, procedures, regulations and flight techniques for night flying and night navigation.


Night Flying Night Flying
The holder of a Night VFR rating will find a whole new world of experiences awaiting them. Prior to being issued with this rating, the pilot must complete a course of night training that will adequately prepare them for this challenging yet immensely rewarding extension to their day licence. When combined with your practical training this manual will provide a thorough understanding of the principles behind this rating.


Sunset to Sunrise: Night Flight Techniques Sunset to Sunrise: Night Flight Techniques
Night flight is one of the most pleasant forms of flight. Every city looks good at night. The sparkling lights, stars, moon and reflections combine to produce a spectacle many only dream about. However, night flight requires different technique, perspective, and considerations than day operations. The aircraft must be flown with reference to the flight instruments, and the outside visual references take on new importance while at the same time...