The Bose® A20 aviation headset is our most advanced pilot headset yet. Its breakthrough innovations reduce more noise and provide even greater comfort than previous models, without compromising the clear audio you expect from Bose. Plus, the A20 Aviation Headset now includes auxiliary audio input and Bluetooth phone connectivity.

Bose’s best noise reduction and comfort ever.
Bose engineers have discovered a new approach to sense more of the noise in any cockpit, constantly measuring it with microphones both inside and outside each earcup. Sophisticated electronics work separately with each microphone signal to compare the noise with the sound you want to hear. Then, instant by instant, the noise is reduced with a more accurate “cancelling” signal. At the same time, Bose’s new proprietary ear cushions help provide improved passive noise reduction and a more comfortable fit. An exclusive design allows more room for your ears without increasing earcup size. Distribution of weight throughout the headset and choice of materials adds to the comfort, and the A20 Aviation Headset also has one-third less clamping force than most others. You can wear this headset for hours—and maybe even forget you have it on.