Super popular and look oh-so-cool, as a pilot you should always have a great kneeboard handy to secure your checklists, paperwork, in-flight guides, maps, and photos.
This KneeBoard with Eyelets and Clipboard has 7 eyelets that can be hooked up to checklist rings (sold separately) and a handy flexible plastic clipboard. So pull together your checklists and paperwork into this one clipboard, strap it to your leg, and get flying.
These KneeBoards are commonly used by the military and have been combat tested in Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan, and other areas that are highly concentrated by US air force pilots.
Includes the new flexible plastic clipboard. Our 7 Eyelets also correspond to JEPPESEN approach plates and chart protectors.
Free Bonus 3 geniune flyboys rings to connect webbing holes  to your hole punched documents like checklists etc

Black kneeboards only