Bob Gardner's textbooks have been in publication since 1985 and are continually updated and expanded to keep up with FAA regulations and procedures. Mr. Gardner writes in a conversational style that is readable and comprehensive, bringing the reader to a greater understanding of the material. All his books are reinforced by the caliber of personal experience that integrates technique and procedures with mastery.




Applicable to both U.S. and international multi-engine training programs, this book provides all the information needed to earn a multi-engine rating, covering both the aeronautical knowledge and the skill required. Review questions conclude each chapter. Appendices provide a multi-engine rating syllabus for an integrated flight/ground training program, a written exam for use when checking out in a new twin, and reprints of applicable FAA advisory circulars and source material for further study on all aspects of multi-engine training. Foreword by Barry Schiff. Index, glossary, 182 pages.




By following Bob Gardner's sage and enlightening advice... the challenging task of becoming a proficient and knowledgeable multi-engine pilot will become easier and more understandable. — from the Foreword by Barry Schiff


The is the best text available for learning multi-engine flying: learn the fundamentals of flying multi-engine aircraft and aerodynamic laws that govern multi-engine flight under Bob Gardner's experienced, comprehensive and energetic tutoring. Covers obtaining a multi-engine rating as well as checking out in a new twin. The Complete Pilot Series is designed for use in certified flight schools, for home study, and as a base for student kits.